CC30: Marvel Legends – X-Men Everywhere by Jakey-Jake

X-Men, X-Men everywhere. Last winter it was Avengers, but Custom Con 30 is the year of the X-Men! It’s been killing me to hold some of these customs back (especially Colossus!) as I’m seen some killer versions of these characters lately. It was a blast making these X-Men, new, old, and supporting cast. Am I the only one that has trouble putting together coherent naratives for these entries?

  • Namor
  • Chamber
  • Colossus-Juggernaut
  • Cecilia Reyes
  • X-Man
  • Hope Summers
  • Anole
  • Madison Jeffries
  • Kavita Rau
  • Northstar
  • Aurora

Jake Schroeder (jakey-jake)
[email protected]
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  • Head-DCUC Black Adam
  • Arms-LCBH Conan
  • Lower Legs-DCUC Mr. Terrific
  • Rest-DCUC Blue Devil
  • Sculpted scales and ankle wings


  • Head-XMC Gambit
  • Hands-SOTA Remy
  • Lower legs-ML Xorn
  • Feet-Movie Blackheart
  • Rest-DCUC Captain Boomerang
  • Fire-Sculpted and ML AOA Sunfire


  • Head/Helmet- Cast ML Juggernaut
  • Arms-ML Abomination
  • Rest-DCUC Validus
  • Cecilia Reyes
  • Head-Buffy figure
  • Body-ML Wasp


  • Head-ML Ronin (Unmasked)
  • Rest-ML Xorn
  • Sculpt

Hope Summers:

  • Head-ML Marvel Girl
  • Body-ML X-23
  • Boots-LCBH Witchblade
  • Hands-SOTA Street Fighter Ibuki


  • Head-ML Sentry
  • Upper Arms/Boots-ML Banshee
  • Lower arms-LCBH Savage Dragon, wrestling fig
  • Rest- ML Yellowjacket
  • Sculpt

Madison Jeffries:

  • Head-ML Ultimate Cap
  • Gloves-LCBH Madman
  • Rest-ML Longshot
  • Sculpt

Kavita Rau:

  • Head-ML Tigra
  • Rest-SM3 Mary Jane
  • Sculpt


  • Head- ML 2 pack Unmasked Daredevil
  • Rest-ML Bullseye
  • Sculpt


  • Head-DCUC Donna Troy
  • Rest-DCUC Silver Banshee

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