CC30: Marvel Legends – X-Factor and Excalibur by Jakey-Jake

Neither of these core groups have enough members for an entry of their own, so why not combine them! Since we already have an X-Factor Cyclops, I thought to myself, who would be a good stand in? Since Havok has made a living being a stand in for his older brother, he was a logical choice. And hey, he was in X-Factor too! I just finished reading both of these titles, and while they fizzled at the end, there were some great stories to be had along the way. Enjoy!

  • Moira MacTaggart
  • Captain Brittan
  • Phoenix (Hound)
  • Shadowcat
  • Meggan
  • Jean Grey
  • Havok
  • Iceman
  • Archangel (Horseman of Apocalypse)
  • Beast

Jake Schroeder (jakey-jake)
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Moira MacTaggart:

  • Head-DCUC Big Barda/LCBH Conan
  • Body-DCUC Cheetah
  • Boots-SOTA Street Fighter Cammy
  • Gloves-ML Psylocke
  • Sculpt

Captain Brittan:

  • Head-ML Captain Brittan
  • Lower Legs-ML Mr. Sinister
  • Gloves-DCUC Vigilante
  • Body-DCUC Specter
  • Upper arms-DCUC Red Tornado

Phoenix (Hound):

  • ML Wasp
  • Sculpt
  • Shadowcat:
  • Head-ML Kitty Pryde
  • Torso/Arms-ML Storm
  • Legs- ML Psylocke
  • Sculpt


  • Head-DCUC Power Girl/Cheetah
  • Arms-ML Psylocke
  • Rest-DCUC Modern Cheetah

Jean Grey:

  • Head-DCUC Black Canary
  • Rest-ML Spiderwoman


  • Head-DCUC Blue Supes
  • Rest-DCUC Mr. Terrific


  • XMC Iceman
  • Conan Belt + Sculpting

Archangel (Horseman of Apocalypse):

  • XMC Archangel
  • Modified wings + sculpt


  • Feet-SOTA Ken
  • Ankles-ML Iron Fist
  • Legs-LCBH Wrarrl
  • Rest-LCBH Savage Dragon
  • Sculpt

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