Hasbro Marvel Avengers Promo Package Teaser Pic

In just under three weeks, Marvel Studios launches the opening salvo in the big summer movie wars with The Avengers. It’s not surprising that Hasbro would have a promo package to support the accompanying toy lines. Still, I was not expecting to find this sitting at my door yesterday. I have been talking with our good friends at Hunter PR (they handle the Hasbro boys lines) about doing a giveaway for Fwoosh’s 10 year anniversary – more to come on that. But we had talked about something completely different.

So we’ll see – this could end up in the Free Stuff pile in support of the Fwoosh 10. I have not had a chance to open it yet, and that Marvel Universe Thor didn’t come with the package – I just wanted an Avenger there for size reference. Stay tuned!

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