Hasbro Marvel Press Pics – Loki’s Army and Ultimate Spider-Man

Hasbo released some press pics (the first in a while):

  • Loki’s Army 3.75 inch figure
  • 6-inch Spider-Man Ultimate Comics Spider-Man
  • Marvel Universe Spider-Man variant

With the Avengers movie just two weeks away, the embargo is lifted on revealing the otherworldy creatures that serve Loki. We first saw a 7-inch Marvel Select version of Loki’s Army at C2E2, and it’s no surprise that Hasbro would also have its own versions, one single carded and one deluxe version.

Dave Vonner told us at Hasbro’s Toy Fair Marvel Universe presentation that we’d be seeing a Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man variant in Marvel Universe this year, but we hadn’t heard that a 6-inch version was coming too. I am going to guess the 6-incher will go to the Spider-Man line, instead of Marvel Legends, unless Legends is going back to bases instead of build-a-figure parts.

One thought on “Hasbro Marvel Press Pics – Loki’s Army and Ultimate Spider-Man”

  1. Looks like they’re using the Bullseye body for that 6″ Ultimate Spidey. Not the greatest body, but at least it has decent articulation, unlike more recent 6″ Spider-Man figures from the Spider-Man line.

    Unfortunately I have almost zero interest in the “new” Ultimate Spider-Man, so I’ll likely pass on the figure, but it’s still nice to see new comic-related Spider-Man figures coming out in the 6″ scale.

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