SDCC 2012: Marvel Universe Masters of Evil 3-Pack Reveal

Another reveal of Hasbro’s exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con – a 3-pack Marvel Universe set featuring the Masters of Evil. If you haven’t gotten enough Avengers by the time SDCC rolls around, these three villains from arguably the greatest Avengers villain team-up could give you a fix. Dave Vonner dropped big hints at Toy Fair that the MOE would be coming our way this year, and with this set we’re getting Baron Zemo, Radioactive Man, and Tiger Shark.

We’d gotten Zemo during Toy Biz’s Legends run, but that was the elder Heinrich – this is Helmut. So all three characters get their first figures in 4-inch scale (not counting Tiger Shark in Super Hero Squad) – but hopefully Legends versions won’t be far behind.

MARVEL UNIVERSE 3.75″ MASTERS OF EVIL Special Edition 3-Pack
(Ages 4 and up; Approximate Retail Price $29.99; Available through, Booth #3329 at San Diego Comic-Con)

Fueled by a raging need for vengeance against Captain America, Baron Zemo hatches a masterful plan. Not foolish enough to face the Avengers alone, he strategically forms one of the most powerful groups of villains ever assembled. The Masters of Evil 3-Pack includes Baron Zemo, Radioactive Man and Tiger Shark all appearing in 3.75″ scale, and united for a singular purpose: destroying Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!

One thought on “SDCC 2012: Marvel Universe Masters of Evil 3-Pack Reveal”

  1. Baron Zemo actually got a figure back in the Secret Wars line…almost 30 years ago, crazy as it seems. This is just epic, though. Radioactive Man wouldn’t even be high on my Masters list, but the figure looks amazing. The translucent body with the solid clothes works really well.

    If they make Hyde, Titania, Grey Gargoyle and a Gigantic Battles Goliath, we will have a pretty awesome Masters display.

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