SDCC 2012: ThunderCats Minimates Set at Action Figure Xpress

The fearless leader of the ThunderCats, Lion-O holds both the Sword of Omens and his iconic claw shield in the collection.

AFX’s exclusive ThunderCats Minimates set will fill the Panthro-sized gap in my collection. I was terribly disappointed that Bandai’s classic ThunderCats action figures never really got off the ground, in either the 8-inch or 6-inch scale. The Minimates format is probably the best bet for less expensive Thundercats, with the show no longer in Cartoon Network’s lineup.

  • The Spirit of Jaga Minimate! Jaga returns to Comic-Con in his spirit form, ready to guide Lion-O and the ThunderCats on their journey.
  • Panthro! This talented warrior looks to burst into Comic-Con armed with his iconic nunchucks.
  • The Mumm-Ra Minimate! The epitome of evil, Mumm-Ra looks to destroy anything and everything that stands in his way. Mumm-Ra is currently in his mummified state but is capable of deception at any moment.
  • The ThunderCats minimates series ends with Lion-O’s loyal companion, Snarf! There’s a lot to love about Snarf – what’s your favorite thing about him?

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One thought on “SDCC 2012: ThunderCats Minimates Set at Action Figure Xpress”

  1. These look fantastic. I have very few Minimates, but this format really suits the Thundercats. I wanted to like the Bandai stuff, but it all just looked pretty awful to me. These though, I might get these for my desk at work. A lot of the AFX stuff looks really great this year, they really stepped it up. I want that MOTU Sword letter opener so badly.

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