Hot Toys – The Bat Vehicle from The Dark Knight Rises Needs its own Hangar

And you thought the Hot Toys Tumbler (the re-release of which should arrive in August) was big? I have tried to avoid any clips or news about the movie, so I don’t have any idea if this behemoth of the Bat has been shown, but damn, that thing is going to be massive. Get ready to move one of the cars onto the street, because that’s going to take up one parking space on its own.

This thing is cool, but I’m still waiting for the reveals of Bane and Batman.

The Dark Knight Rises movie is coming in just two weeks! Batman fans, are you ready for the movie and its collectibles?

Here comes the DX Batman in its high-flying The Bat collectible from the movie! Please expect the most movie-accurate DX Batman to come very soon!

via Hot Toys.

2 thoughts on “Hot Toys – The Bat Vehicle from The Dark Knight Rises Needs its own Hangar”

  1. whoa! Def gonna need to finds space in the garage for that thing. That would take up a third of my room!

  2. I hate to say this, as a fan of all variety of Batjets, Batplanes, and Batcopters since I was little, but “The Bat” has to be the ugliest design for a vehicle I’ve ever seen.
    …and yet, the Hot Toys one still blows me away. That is the power of mighty Hot Toys.

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