Which Hulk Figure is the Strongest One There Is?


I tried to like Angst Lee’s Hulk, and while the Incredible Hulk did a little better, it wasn’t until I saw the Avengers movie that I thought, at last – a Hulk truly worthy of the big screen. And now I’m in the market for a new Hulk figure that’s worthy of the Avengers movie’s Hulk. Funny how that works, right? Now, both Marvel Select and Hasbro have movie Hulks, and from what I’ve seen they both feature pretty good sculpts and pretty good articulation.

My de facto Hulk for the past few years has been the very awesome Marvel Legends Face-Off Hulk (pictured above). I really love the head sculpt (and I’m not necessarily looking for a Ruffalo Hulk) and the size is about right for what I’m looking for. On the downside, he doesn’t have any ab articulation, and the range of motion on his elbows is pretty limited. Given these thoughts, which Hulk would you recommend for me? Marvel Select Hulk or the Hasbro Hulk exclusive to Wal-Mart? Or is the Face Off Hulk still the strongest one there is?

Let me know what you think!

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  1. Up until this movie I owned a few Hulks myself. The Gray Ultimate Hulk and the BAF Red Hulk from Hasbro’s Marvel Legends were great sculpts of their comic counterparts and the site on the former one was outstanding even if articulation was lacking. I snagged the Ang Lee Hulks, but they never made the move with me from my parents house to my first condo some 7 years ago. The Incredible Hulk’s 5″ less articulated Hulk (the one where a smaller Banner figure fit inside) and it’s counterpart Abomination were my pics for a while until the Target Exclusive Legends type figure surfaced and THAT’S been my central figure until a few weeks ago when the DST Marvel Select Avengers Movie Hulk dropped. That has become THE Hulk figure for me. I’m planning on snagging the Walmart one too if I can find it, but the Select Hulk towers above all others, has an awesome sculpt that’s a decent blend between the Comic version and Ruffalo’s likeness, and the paint deco and articulation are perfect! So my vote is for the DST Movie version if you can grab it.

  2. thanks for the recommendation, Drew – I think the DST Hulk will also be easier for me to find, as the closest Wal-Mart is about 40 minutes away and is usually picked over when it comes to toys. the only thing I am thinking about is the size – there’s a pretty big difference and usually I find the Marvel Select figures to be just a bit too big to fit in. need to find some scale pictures with some other figures to see.

  3. My only nitpick with the Face Off Hulk is the lack of fists. But every Hulk out there WITH fists has too many other problems for me (scale, articulation, etc). I don’t know if there’s a PERFECT Hulk yet.

  4. I’ve never owned the Face-Off, but felt if you’re looking for a definitive comic version – that was the one. I’ve managed to score the Walmart Captain America and Hawkeye, left Thor and Iron Man repaints on the shelf and am loosely hunting down the Hulk and Avenger’s costumed Loki to complete my collection. There’s only ONE in FIVE Walmarts that actually carries these things. If you get an exclusive deal from a manufacturer you should AT LEAST carry them in every location.

  5. ugh – I didn’t realize those Wal-Mart exclusives would be that tough to find.

    Face Off Hulk can kind of make a fist with his left hand, but it’s not great.

  6. Hey Ron,

    Just snag the DST one. You can’t lose with that one and then if you happen upon the Walmart version and like it you can add it to the roster. Happy hunting!

  7. My favorite 6in. scale Hulk is the Planet Hulk figure that came out in the Hasbro Annihilus wave. You can take all his armor off to have just plain Hulk (there was a running change where some were made with silver left arms and some with green arms like mine). Downside is his head is a little small and his pants are brown with no sculpting, so maybe not a good definitive Hulk. However, where that fig shines is his insane amount of articulation compared to other Hulks. So, maybe a simple head swap?

  8. I am with you on the Face Off version. If I could FIND the Avengers Hulk though, he might finally give him a run at my shelf.

  9. I personally love the new wally world Hulk but I’m not huge on his head. I would take the Face Off Hulks head and swap it to the others body. Then paint!!

  10. If you are going to use it for the Avengers Movie line up, then you’ll have to choose either the MS or the Walmart Exclusive Hulk. And if you can’t find the Walmart Movie Hulk or the MS Hulk, I think that Target Exclusive Incredible Hulk Movie would be fine. But if it’s for the comics version of the Avengers, then it’s has to be Face Off. Scale wise, I’m not quite sure how tall should Hulk be in the Avengers Movie. I feel MS Hulk is just fine if he is Hunching back or in a semi-crouching position. But if he is standing straight it up, he looks off scale. So that leaves me a question, Was the Hulk standing upright in the Avengers Movie? or was he hunching back or semi crouching when he stood with the rest of the Avengers?

  11. I really kicked around MS vs. Walmart. I personally like the scale of the Select version. Always have liked my Hulks larger than other characters. In the end, it was the help sculpt that made me go for the ridiculous HTF Walmart Hulk. I was lucky enough to find an unopened case a week ago. If you’ll cool with the face and the slight larger scale, the Select version is much easier to find.

    Here’s a video from Scotty Cash of PCN that compares them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOP3t_o8Kfw


  12. Definitely get the walmart hulk its slightly taller than the face off hulk and is basically an upgraded version of face off hulk, The select hulk is way to tall to fit into a 6 inch scaled collection, you’d probally have to have it crouched down to an extreme point and even that would look odd. The select is definitely out of scale with the legends figure, The walmart hulk has a Perfect blend of Mark ruffalo hulk, Lou ferrigno Hulk, Face off hulk, and comic hulk, and the fact that this is the first hulk action figure with Double jointed knees and elbows, definitely makes this a must have,Even if you have to wait to get Walmart hulk, Make sure you get it, Its in PERFECT scale with every marvel legends and dc universe classics figure.

  13. I own all three Hulks you’re talking about, and of course my opinion may not reflect yours. I think my favorite of the three is still the face-off hulk, with the MS a very close second.

    The walmart hulk ended up being a disappointment to me. He is about the same height as the face-off hulk, and although he has the best articulation of all three, his elbow and knee joints feel very rubbery, while his body is very hollow. His double hinged elbows and knees really bother me, because they are very noticeable (especially the elbows) and they do nothing that single hinges could not have accomplished. He almost feels like a cheap figure, and out of the three has the worst sculpt and almost no paint apps.

    The MS hulk has a much better sculpt than walmart, not just in details but also his proportions seem more natural to me. However, he is huge! He is probably too big to fit in with a ML display. He also has a little bit of the hollow feel, but not as bad as walmart. I do wish his hips had a better range of motion, but I am glad to sacrifice that to have the better quality toy vs walmart. Although he does he has a ball joint torso, there is not a whole lot of tilt available. There is enough to put more personality into his poses, but it will most likely be used as a swivel.

    The face-off hulk is just beautiful. True he doesn’t have an ab crunch or ball joint torso, but he still has that swivel waist. It’s unfortunate that both of his hands are open, I wish he had at least one fist.

    All-in-all, I love the face-off Hulk, am very glad that I have the MS Hulk as well, and wish I had my money back on the walmart figure.

  14. Let me start by saying this; While the Hulk is not my favorite Marvel character, he is spart of my favorite team. And because the OC collector in me likes variety, I own several versions. I am surprised that no one mention the Classic Hulk green variant of the Fin Fang Foom wave. That is a pretty awesome looking figure, except for the lacks of fists. I don’t see how anyone could like the limited leg movement and constipated look of the Target excusive movie Hulk. But that is my opinion.

    I recently found the Wal-Mart Hulk and he is darn near perfect. Muscular, a decent size, great motion. My only issues were the color scheme. His green does seem a little dull, and the new ankle rotation. I loved the old style of ankle rockers because the hold the weight of larger figures better. Both Terrax and the Wal-Mart Avengers Hulk suffer from the need to get into a deeper stance in order for the ankles to stay in place.

  15. i suggest you get the definitive hulk which is face off hulk marvel legends the best hulk for me except for the hands which cannot be closed fist.

  16. I’m a fan of the Marvel Legends Planet Hulk.  I have two versions (there is a silver armed one, and a variant with both arms green) and they are fantastic.  The head sculpt is ok, but articulation is among the best in the 6″ Legends figures.  Shouldn’t be too hard to find.I also love my Icons Hulks, and am definitely looking forward to the Hot Toys sixth scale Avengers Hulk.

  17. I think one of the best hulks is the gamma punch hulk, great looking and great articulation. It’s my fave along with the face off hulk

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