SDCC 2012: Hasbro Marvel Legends Hit-Monkey and Savage She-Hulk

Marvel Legends Hit-Monkey (2) (1280x1280).jpgMarvel Legends Savage She-Hulk (2) (958x1280).jpg

Hasbro revealed two more Marvel Legends figures from the first wave planned for 2013. If you are not familiar with Hit-Monkey, he was introduced by Daniel Way during his Deadpool run, and had a one-shot and 3-issue limited series around the same time a couple years back. Savage She-Hulk (the Lyra version) will be a swap-out for Red She-Hulk.

You can see the other 2013 wave 1 figures here:

Marvel Legends Hit-Monkey (1) (957x1280).jpgMarvel Legends Hit-Monkey (959x1280).jpgMarvel Legends Savage She-Hulk (960x1280).jpgMarvel Legends Savage She-Hulk (1) (958x1280).jpg

I did not hear this from Hasbro, but the buzz is that Hit-Monkey is the Build-a-Figure for the wave. Savage She-Hulk is built off the same body as the Red She-Hulk – and I believe she uses the same head. Dwight Stall told me that they tooled up two different upper torsos – one with the zipper (on Red She-Hulk) and one without, for characters without that costume detail, like Lyra.

3 thoughts on “SDCC 2012: Hasbro Marvel Legends Hit-Monkey and Savage She-Hulk”

  1. Sadly some have already announced that Hit-monkey is the BAF without conformation. It’s good to know that this wasn’t “announced” by hasbro like some have said….I was just going by the placard, it says a price and has a sku, so that would tell me he’s a regular figure, and a teaser like hyperion….but we’ll know soon enough !

  2. while I haven’t heard it directly from Hasbro, I’m expecting that Hit-Monkey will be announced as the BAF for 2013 wave 1. while we’re still a ways away, the smart talk is that the smaller BAF will be split among the lesser known characters, while the a-listers will be packed heavier and go without a BAF piece.

  3. Hit monkey? Hit monkey? Having no idea what this character is all about since I have not read an ongoing comic since 1998 I looked him up via Wiki….

    I am glad I have not read an ongoing comic since then! This is a STUPID concept for a character. A monkey watches and assassin and learns how to do it? Ridiculous! It is just an excuse to put a monkey in a suit with a gun. And people eat up this crap! At LEAST in Stan´s day he put reasons for having powers…Bit by a radioactive spider, cosmic rays, etc. But a monkey watching and learning how to kill? I think I will just what I have been doing. Sticking with the Marvel Essential volumes. That is where the real writers were.

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