SDCC 2012: Hasbro Marvel Legends Hyperion and Wave 3 Update

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Hasbro added Hyperion to its Marvel Legends display for wave 1 in 2013. Hyperion (who will be a swapout with Sentry a la Thunderball and Piledriver) is built on a new base body that falls between the Nick Fury / Ka-Zar / Punisher body and Warpath / Thunderball / Piledriver body types. That will fill in a medium heavy build in the lineup that can be reused for guys like Luke Cage. In the same vein, the Red She-Hulk is on a new base body for the larger female characters, like Titania.

I got to talk to Dwight Stall briefly today, who is overseeing all the Marvel lines. It’s clear that Marvel Legends is still his baby (and he’s still fighting for a Stryfe figure for the line). He explained that wave 3 (pictures in my Marvel Legends Preview Night post) was a fill-in wave for 2012. He says that originally Hasbro only planned 2 waves for 2012, but since they dropped within a month of each other and was selling well, they decided to add wave 3 so we wouldn’t go another year without figures.

So, yes, wave 3 will be without a Build-a-Figure, but the BAF will return in the 2013 wave 1, and they are planning to add it to the case tomorrow – so stay tuned for another update.

A couple folks at Hasbro acknowledged that Madame Hydra’s head got pinched in production. I let them know that I was disappointed to see Mystique using that pinched head, but they think it looks ok with the blue skin tone. What do you guys think? Dwight also told me that the Punisher head was even more severely pinched than the Madame’s – but they were able to catch that earlier in production so it was fixed.

Since SDCC was a couple weeks earlier than normal, what we’ve got in the case is mostly painted prototypes. It’s not that the production process is tied to SDCC, but if the show had been a couple weeks later, Hasbro might have also had some production samples on hand. I hope that the production process goes smoothly with these guys.

6 thoughts on “SDCC 2012: Hasbro Marvel Legends Hyperion and Wave 3 Update”

  1. Don’t like Mystique’s head at all. The more I see It the more I hate it, might skip it altogether. This is probably going to be the first line in a while that I won’t buy the whole set. Without a BAF there’s no real reason to.

  2. If you get to talk to Mr. Stall again please ask him to do something about that Mystique head. The Punisher head looks too long as well. I like Blade but something about his head sculpt I don’t like. If they don’t fix these heads I think I’ll pass on wave 3! I do like Red She Hulk, Arch Angel, and Ultimate Captain America though. I can’t wait for those!

  3. Mystique looks good to me….i think viper looked a lil weird, but not horrible. I think you people are making a mountain out of a mole hill….but whatever. I love all the pics of the new figures, they all look great. I’m excited to see the sought after Deadpool figure make a comeback !!!

    I really love how they are using some of the underproduced figures, like DP, and Doom….it gives me hope that they may re-release Dragon-Man ! (PLEASE!) Hasbro gave us Kang a while back, and i was soooo happy, bring on more….Warpath! Ronan!

    Long Live Marvel Legends !!!

  4. As happy as I am to see a Hyperion figure, I hope this is just a prototype. He should be wearing his mask for one thing; he just looked cooler with the mask, even tho he dropped it in the Squadron’s most famous storyline. Also, where are the rivets on his girdle, or whatever you call that he wears? Also, it would be nice if it looked like he was wearing a shirt instead of just red paint.

  5. that Madame hydra/Mystique head is atrocious. Can you please change the heads? I am so disappointed I dont want either of them. Too bad. On a positive note I love a lot of the other figs in these waves. One thing though. Enough with the Iron fist/Protector body. I am sick of those silly chest/shoulder joints. THe archangel body is great. Awesome reuse that as much as possible, and that new Moonstone body is also awesome

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