CC33: Legends of Assassin’s Creed Exclusives by Whiskeytango


The new 6″ scale “Legends of Assassin’s Creed” line will be hitting stores next spring, full of all your favorite characters from the games, from Desmond Miles to Leonardo Da Vinci. However, attendees of CustomCon 33 have the chance of snatching two figures from the recently released Assassin’s Creed 3, and Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation, Connor Kenway and Aveline De Grandpre!

These exclusives feature extra weapon accessories that won’t be included in the general release, and each has been hand painted.

Aveline Aveline comes equipped with:

  • Naval Flintlock Pistol
  • Sugarcane Machete
  • Leather Whip
  • Poison Dart Blowpipe
  • French Cutlass (Exclusive!)
  • Assassin’s Hidden Blade (Exclusive!)
Connor Connor comes equipped with:

  • Italian Flintlock Pistol
  • Assassin’s Tomahawk
  • Bow and Arrows
  • Steel Knife
  • Gun Stock Club (Exclusive!)
  • Captain Kidd’s Sawtooth Cutlass (Exclusive!)
  • Assassin’s Hidden Blade (Exclusive!)

As with all the figures in the upcoming line, each figure is highly articulated, and game accurate. Hope this preview gets you attendees excited for more Legends of Assassin’s Creed!

Entry by: Whiskeytango [email protected]



  • Head: ML Valkyrie
  • Body: ML Madame Viper
  • Outfit Details: Sculpt, vinyl, and cloth
  • Weapons: Scratch built


  • Base: ML Bucky Barnes Captain America
  • Outfit Details: Sculpt, vinyl, and cloth
  • Weapons: Scratch Built

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