CustomCon 33 – Day Four

CustomCon 33 – Winter 2012

Welcome to CustomCon 33, the sixth installment to be hosted by and!

What is CustomCon?

CustomCon is a special presentation of new custom toy creations by customizers around the globe. Ten years in the running, it’s still going strong. Inspired by the presentations of new product by legitimate manufacturers at Toy Fair and other trade shows, CustomCon is a “fake” convention, whereby customizers present their latest creations and recipes as if unveiling a new line of real toys to retailers. It’s always a lot of fun, for both the viewers and the participants.

If this is your first exposure to a CustomCon, click here to see what’s been offered over the past 32 CustomCons.

CustomCon 33 - Day Four

DAY FOUR: Thursday, December 13

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CC33: Star Trek The Next Generation 25th Anniversary HD Wave by Andy Kinnear

TREK TNG 25 Aniv - Group ShotCust Con 33 - TNG 25 Aniv 2012 Logo

Playmates has once again secured special license permission from Hasbro, to complete a wave of six figures celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Star Trek The Next Generation. Tying in with the release of the HD remastered version of the series by CBS, certain characters have been selected following feedback from fans at previous CustomCons. Special moulds have been used to recreate the style of the original figures from the 1990s. The centre pieces are Commander Riker and Guinan, but Admiral Theremin continues “The Lost Prophet” novels connection echoing Voyager’s Lieutenant Commander Arko and Klingon officer Commander J’Pon of past releases. A real surprise though is Dr Leah Brahms which many fans had hoped for since she was first mentioned in the Final Vote announcement back in CustomCon 9, in late 2003.

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CC33: Starjammers Minimates by Lobsterman


The longest-running comic-based toy line in history brings you Marvel’s fan-favorite space pirates! This Minimates box set features X-men allies and Shi’ar freedom fighters the Starjammers!

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CC33: Return of Marvel Legends Wave 3 – All Bucked Up by Thwiptster

We here at Hasbro headquarters are excited to announce the Return of Marvel Legends Wave 3: All Bucked Up!  We were blown away by the reception our slap-dash efforts to cash in with a filler wave of repaints and weak reuse received, we decided to see just how much more money we could make if we actually put some thought into it! Starting right after you finally manage to acquire the current versions, you’ll be able to pick up all-new*, more appropriately scaled and articulated versions of the toys you just bought!

You’re Welcome!

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