CC33: Return of Marvel Legends Wave 3 – All Bucked Up by Thwiptster

We here at Hasbro headquarters are excited to announce the Return of Marvel Legends Wave 3: All Bucked Up!¬† We were blown away by the reception our slap-dash efforts to cash in with a filler wave of repaints and weak reuse received, we decided to see just how much more money we could make if we actually put some thought into it! Starting right after you finally manage to acquire the current versions, you’ll be able to pick up all-new*, more appropriately scaled and articulated versions of the toys you just bought!

You’re Welcome!

  • Punisher
  • U.S.Agent
  • Dr. Doom
  • Mystique
  • Deadpool
  • Instead of another Iron Man, we decided to throw in a Fan-Demanded villain, Ultron! He’s never looked like this either, but he doesn’t look like a robot bunny!


Entry by:¬†Thwiptster[email protected]


  • Punisher – TBML Series 4 Punisher, TNA Sting arms and jacket
  • U.S.Agent – TBML Face-Off Punisher, Power Man boots, RoML 3 U.S.Agent head/shield
  • Dr. Doom – HML FF Series Doom, LCBH Darkness hands, Wrarrl feet
  • Mystique – TBML Psylocke, Invisible Woman hands, Mystique skirt, HML 2-pack Domino head
  • Deadpool – RoML U.S.Agent, Deadpool head/accessories, Shield Agent lower legs
  • Ultron – Lots of Iron Man, Deathlok, and Superpatriot parts.

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