CC33: Marvel Legends Exclusives by Lestat

A surprise announcement from Marvel is a new wave of Marvel Legends that will be exclusively online! The release times have not been specified, but these will be specifically geared towards adult collectors.

The characters that have been announced are:

  • Avalanche (w/ removable Helmet)
  • Ultimate Captain America (Based on his Ultimates 2 uniform)
  • Ultimate Spider-man (Miles Morales)
  • Thor (Ages of Thunder)

Entry by: Lestat[email protected]

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4 thoughts on “CC33: Marvel Legends Exclusives by Lestat”

  1. I really wish you guys would stop writing fake stories for the “release” ¬†of these figures. it screws over my google search for official ML’s.

  2. These are actual storys on the new waves of ML’s but ther not yet out plus this wave will only be released online.

  3. This is Brian again just wondering how I can post one of my pics I’m in the middle of making 90’s edition Havok , email me & let me know .

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