CC33: Marvel Legends Lockjaw Series by Highmore Studios

Highmore Studios is proud to present some of Marvel’s most wanted in this all-new BAF series!


  • Ultra-poseable Classic Spider-Man (with Lockjaw’s head)
  • Classic Cyclops (with Lockjaw’s upper torso)
  • Sin-Eater (with shotgun and Lockjaw’s lower torso)
  • Batroc the Leaper (with Lockjaw’s front legs)
  • Inhumans Gorgon (with Lockjaw’s back legs)
  • BAF Lockjaw!

Entry by: Matt Beahan/Highmore


  • Spidey: Parts from several Spider-Man figures
  • Cyclops: Bucky Cap with original head
  • Sin-Eater: Bucky Cap with Bullseye head
  • Batroc: TNA figure & fodder parts
  • Gorgon: SOTA Guile with Mr Sinister head
  • Lockjaw: fully scratchbuilt

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