CC33: Mirage Ninja Turtles Classics by Christothor

Mirage Ninja Turtles Classics is made to be in scale with the NECA TMNT toy line, filling in the gaps left by the cancelled Series 2 and expanding beyond.

The line features a 6.5″ Shredder, Casey Jones, a 4″ Splinter, and a Foot Soldier army building 4-Pack. All figures have over 28 points of articulation and feature their appearances from the classic Eastman and Laird Mirage Comics.

Entry by: Christothor


with 28 Points of Articulation
Head, Hands, Tail: Fast Forward Splinter
Neck: ML Movie Beast
Upper Arms: DCUC Dessad
Lower Arms: SF Gen
Body: ML Ogun Base
Upper Legs: LCBH Madman Arms
Lower Legs: ML8 Black Widow Arms and SF Ibuki Legs
Feet: SF Ibuki and MOTUC Skeletor
Lower Kimono: ML Ronin
Ball Joints: SF Gen Shoulders

with 30 Points of Articulation
Head and Armor: 2k3 Shredder
Body: ML Captain Marvel with the DCUC Dessad Overlay and Tunic
Upper Arms: UFC Fighter
Lower Arms and Legs: SF Adon
Upper Legs: SF Vega
Lower Legs: SF Guile
Feet: ML1 Iron Man

Casey Jones
with 30 Points of Articulation
Head: DCUC Superman
Hair: ML Doc Samson
Mask: TMNT Casey Jones
Body: DCUC Starman
Arms: DCUC B’wana Beast
Upper Legs and Feet: LCBH Savage Dragon
Lower Legs: ML11 Logan

Foot Soldier
with 31 Points of Articulation
Head: LCBH Star
Body and Tunic: SF Gen
Arms: UFC Fighter
Legs: Madman

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