Masters of the Universe Classics Granamyr Still Available, But Not For Long

If you are on the fence on the ginormous Masters of the Universe Classics dragon, Granymyr is still available from the December sale – but for how long we’re not sure. Toy Guru says this is your last chance:

Oh, and since I know everyone likes updates, Granamyr is going awesome. He is still in stock but looks to be on the way to selling out. We’re getting the final shipment in so all orders should now be going out as the come in. Thanks for supporting this one! And no, no word right now on a green repaint. If you are passing on the current one to wait for a repaint, that really isn’t in the cards. He is selling out, but not at the rate that would justify a redeco due to the high price point and low quota. This is pretty much THE Granamyr we’ll be making right now.

You can order him at the Granamyr™ Figure page on MattyCollector. Folks who did order and have received theirs are reporting great paint and sculpt, but suggest some caution during assembly of the arms. I still haven’t put in an order – I think it’s an incredible piece, and the artwork by Rudy Obrero is a bonus, but I honestly have no place to put him.