Q&A with Nate Baertsch, Designer of the Icon Heroes Castle Grayskull

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You may know him as Baena at many of the toy and collectible forums, but Nate Baertsch is also an accomplished illustrator, and happens to be one of the designers behind the Icon Heroes Castle Grayskull Polystone Environment. Nate recently got one of the Icon Heroes Castles off the production line, shared these pictures, and kindly answered some of our questions.

AFP: How did you get involved with Icon Heroes for this project?

Nate: Dumb luck! Okay, that’s not entirely true. I’ve had a good working relationship with the Four Horsemen since somewhere around 2007? I started out doing packaging art for their Seventh Kingdom line. Ramathorr was the first painting I did for them, and to this day still one of my favorites.  Over time my work with them has increased from packaging artwork for their figures, to occasional design sketches and concepts for figures for the variety of lines that they work on. Over time, and meeting up with them when I could at conventions, we’ve established a good working relationship and friendship, as we all love all things MotU and general super fantastical spacey geeky goodness. A lot of “geeking out” about MotU lore, Seventh Kingdom, their other properties, Outer Space Men and now Power Lords!

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Last Chance to Pre-Order Masters of the Universe Classics Castle Grayskull and Buy the Holiday Gift Paks

Maybe you weren’t ready to make the commitment back when the outcome was uncertain. But Castle Grayskull *is* getting made, and the pre-orders close out Friday morning at 9AM PST. It’s a new year, so can you commit now? Worry not, if you still can’t pull the trigger on Castle Grayskull now, you’ll get the chance late in the year when it actually is available for sale – that is, if our good friend Logistics doesn’t have anything to say about it.

Castle Grayskull

All-new Castle Grayskull to be released in 2013 as long as we hit our minimum production goal.

via Castle Grayskull.

If you do pre-order now, though, you’ll save $50 or more (day of sales were said to be at least $300), you’ll get an awesome poster, and you’ll also get to vote on who appears in the Rudy Obrero artwork for the packaging. Did I mention the $50?

Also closing out at the same time tomorrow – the MOTUC and Ghostbusters Holiday Gift Paks comprised of stuff that has been languishing in the Digital River warehouse. If you don’t buy them now, next stop, Walmart?

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Masters of the Universe Classics Granamyr Still Available, But Not For Long

If you are on the fence on the ginormous Masters of the Universe Classics dragon, Granymyr is still available from the December sale – but for how long we’re not sure. Toy Guru says this is your last chance:

Oh, and since I know everyone likes updates, Granamyr is going awesome. He is still in stock but looks to be on the way to selling out. We’re getting the final shipment in so all orders should now be going out as the come in. Thanks for supporting this one! And no, no word right now on a green repaint. If you are passing on the current one to wait for a repaint, that really isn’t in the cards. He is selling out, but not at the rate that would justify a redeco due to the high price point and low quota. This is pretty much THE Granamyr we’ll be making right now.

You can order him at the Granamyr™ Figure page on MattyCollector. Folks who did order and have received theirs are reporting great paint and sculpt, but suggest some caution during assembly of the arms. I still haven’t put in an order – I think it’s an incredible piece, and the artwork by Rudy Obrero is a bonus, but I honestly have no place to put him.

Matty Posts Awesome Masters of the Universe Classics Artwork

Mattel has posted some awesome artwork over the past few days promoting its Masters of the Universe Classics line. The first two pieces were featured at the MOTU Art Show during New York Toy Fair – they’re the Heroic and Evil Warriors by Joe Ng and Espen Grundetjern. Rudy Obrero is responsible for the Granymyr packaging art. I can’t wait to see his new work for the upcoming Castle Grayskull.

And hopefully you haven’t missed the Fwoosh’s First Look at MOTUC Ram Man!

Sources: MOTU 30th Anniversary Art and Granamyr package at last!


Rock the Vote for Masters of the Universe Classics Castle Grayskull Box Art

Election Day may be over in the US, but for Masters of the Universe fans, a new campaign is just beginning. No, it’s not the push for pre-orders for Castle Grayskull, although I expect we will see some of that as we close out the final week of pre-orders (at least to hit the minimum to proceed). This vote is about which heroes and villains should appear on the box art for the castle.

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