ThreeA Toys WWRp EMGY TRG Grunt On Sale Now

3A Toys WWRp EMGY Grunt 3A Toys WWRp EMGY Grunt 2 3A Toys WWRp Blanc Grunt

Hey, more WWRp Grunts are on sale – this time it’s the WWRp EMGY Grunt, on sale now at for $45 plus shipping. It was just ten days ago that 3A had the WWRp Medic Grunt and Square up for pre-order, so 3A is sticking to its plan to not offer all the Grunts at once. While I’m glad at the break my wallet is getting, I also don’t mind the sets, because there’s no additional shipping charges. On the other hand, I’m trying to scale back from getting every single colorway. While EMGY is extremely popular among the 3A fans, it’s not on my list, so I get a pass on this sale.

On the topic of shipping, army builders get a break if they’re buying multiples. Thanks to Gimbat for sharing the details.

WWRp EMGY TRG Grunt combined shipping for you guys (to save you some clicking):

Combined shipping

  • for 2: 25USD
  • for 3: 33USD
  • for 4: 40USD
  • for 5: 50USD
  • for 6: 60USD
  • for 7: 70USD

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