Masters of the Universe Classics Jitsu Quick Pics

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I am visiting my parents and had a stowaway – the Masters of the Universe Classics Jitsu. The horse is a souvenir my dad has from his days working in China, and I snapped a quick picture of it with Jitsu. And before long, I had this quick series of shots. Jitsu’s victim is an old Hulk Hogan from way back when Hasbro had the WWF license. I had a bunch of wrestling figures back in the 90s, and my dad asked if he could have one. And wouldn’t you know, he’s kept it in better shape than I have done with my modern day collection.

There’s a certain joy, being unburdened by camera gear and lights – I shot these with my camera phone and the sunlight coming in the window. It reminded me of my younger days, taking the original Jitsu figure out to the backyard and shooting pictures of him with an old hand-me-down 35MM. In a way, that’s what started this all.

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