How Much Would You Pay for this LEGO Castle Grayskull Playset?

LEGO Castle Grayskull Playset 1

Sadly, it’s not for sale, but LEGO enthusiast Fraslund has certainly made a LEGO Castle Grayskull playset which gets the imagination going. Unlike Hasbro, with its KRE-O brand, I don’t think Mattel has its own brand of construction toys, leaving open the licensing opportunity for LEGO to add Masters of the Universe to its stable of toy brands that captivated my youth – Marvel, DC, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Sadly, this probably has as much chance as Skeletor taking over Eternia, but I can dream, right?

It looks to me like Fraslund took some guidance from the Icon Heroes Castle Grayskull in order to build out the sides and rear of the playset. And while it’s not the classic green color (probably a rare color for LEGO bricks), its appropriately sized for LEGO minifigures, has a working Jawbridge, and even opens up to reveal more play opportunities on the inside. This would be a truly impressive LEGO playset to own and build.

LEGO Castle Grayskull Playset 6 LEGO Castle Grayskull Playset 7

via Castle Greyskull – a set on Flickr.