ThreeA Toys Valve Portal 2 P-body Preview

3AVOX_4.4_3AxValve_ATLAS_Ad_002 3AVOX_4.4_3AxValve_P_body_Ad_002

When 3A Toys picked up a license from Valve, the video game developers for hit franchises like Counter Strike, Team Fortress, and Left 4 Dead, my mind reeled with the possibilities. After all, there are a lot of synergies – army men and zombies? When the first Valve-related products came out, the Team Fortress Sandvich and the Portal Companion Square (eBay links), I was hoping for more. Granted, those items were both extremely popular, but didn’t feel like they were leveraging all that 3A could do.

That changes with the upcoming Portal 2 Atlas P-body figures. These two are within another of 3A’s wheelhouses – robots – and really have a wow factor to them. They’re 1/6 scale figures, are fully loaded with insane articulation, LED lights, and handheld Portal generators. No prices yet, but I’m betting these will sell like gangbusters.

We are excited to offer the 3A x VALVe Portal 2 Atlas & P-body figures for pre-order in May. Below are the first official ads and images from 3A. Stay tuned for more info on the final pre-order date and prices!


via 3aVOX.