WebSwipe: Assembling the Perfect Star Trek TOS Crew – A Piece of the Action

Speaking of those Art Asylum Star Trek figures for the Original Series, here’s a blog post from the always awesome A Piece of the Action, a site that covers Star Trek memorabilia, mostly action figures. This post covers how to put together the ultimate Original Series crew, using the figures from both Art Asylum and Diamond Select Toys (after they acquired AA and the Trek license).

This is for all of you Trek aficionado customizers who seek perfection in their TOS crew.

trekcrew1 trekcrew2

I figured it would be a good time to give you my version of a definitive AA/ DST crew. Some of these are pretty easy picks… others not so much. Some are gonna take a little elbow grease and extra dough to make happen. But you want the best, ya gotta work for it… And of course, this is all my opinion here. You may not agree with my picks, and that is totally cool. These just happen to be my personal picks after years of Trek collecting. So without further ado… My ultimate AA/ DST Classic Star Trek Crew!

via A Piece Of The Action: AA/ DST Special Feature: Assembling The Ultimate Crew!.