ThreeA Toys WWRp Dropcloth Superset (9 Total) Up For Pre-Order on June 14

3A Toys Dropcloth Superset 2

Couple of 3A Toys updates today – first, for fans of the 1/12 scale World War Robot line, they’ll be offering a set of Dropcloths that will include 9 bots in total. The cost will be $230 for the set, but with the 3AA discount that comes to about $195 for the set, or about $22 a bot. A lot of people are grumbling that 3A should offer these each individually, like they have been doing with the Grunts – but at this price these are about as cheap as I’ve seen a 1/12 scale figure from them.

I’m primarily interested in one or two of them, the Medic for sure, but there’s a lot of interesting colorways included. So I may be picking up a set and will look to the Unofficial ThreeA Legion BST to find homes for the others, and barring that, eBay. Might even put one up as a Free Stuff giveaway – but that’s a few months down the line. The WWRp Dropcloth Superset goes up for pre-order on Bambaland on June 14 at 6PM EST.

3A Toys Dropcloth Superset

9 WWRp Droppcloths ( plus a couple of surprises ) in a box! $230usd shipped, will be up for pre-order on June 15th, 9:00AM HK time.

via 3aVOX.