ThreeA Toys WWRp Dutch Merc Bertie MK3 Quick Pic

3A Toys Dutch Merc Bertie Mk 3

When I got home from San Diego Comic-Con, this Bertie MK3 from 3A Toys’ WWRp line was waiting for me. And though I was a little worn out from lugging my camera around the San Diego Convention Center for a few days, this is just the kind of toy that makes me want to snap some shots. So I grabbed the earlier Dutch Merc Bertie and Square I’ve had for a while and headed outside. I only had one requirement – after taking hundreds of pictures at SDCC, I just wanted one of this Bertie.

As it turns out, I took 23 pictures, playing with the composition and manual settings on my camera. But I ended up liking the first shot the best, which I had just set up at random to try to figure out the figure placement, and shot with automatic settings. I guess sometimes you can get it right on the first attempt. I shoot in RAW most of the time now, and in Lightroom I just clicked the Auto tone button – in the late afternoon light my camera on auto had shot it about a full stop overexposed, but it was fixed pretty easily.

I cropped the shot a little more closely to the figures, factoring in that it would be resized to fit the website – otherwise I would have preferred a little more of the background. And to give a little more focus to the figures, I added a little bit of vignetting at the edges.

For reference, here’s the original shot – the only changes are the resizing and watermarking.

3A Toys Dutch Merc Bertie Mk 3 (original)