Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Wave 2 Pre-Orders Are Up at Amazon.com

I had previously written that Star Wars Black Series wave 2 is up for pre-order at Entertainment Earth and BBTS. You can order cases there, which will come with one of each figure in the wave. Our pal Rodney wrote in with the heads up that Star Wars Black Series wave 2 is now available for pre-order on Amazon.com – on Amazon, you can order the figures individually. That’s useful if you already have a Boba Fett from San Diego Comic-Con, for example, or are only interested in specific figures from the wave.

They have an ETA of November 25th and are listed at $22.99. Wave 1 was first listed for that price, but eventually was lowered to $19.99. With Amazon’s pre-order price guarantee, there’s no risk to putting in your order now, because they will honor the lowest pre-order price automatically.