ThreeA Toys HALO Emile Pre-Sale on August 29

The next HALO offering from 3A Toys will be up for pre-order in a week’s time. More info will be forthcoming, like the price. For reference, Commander Carter was priced at $200 when he went up for pre-order a little over a year ago.

The pre-order window usually opens up in the evenings here in the US, mornings in Hong Kong – that accounts for the date discrepancy, for the time-zone challenged.

3A x HALO A239 EMILE SPARTAN-III will be available for pre-order at our official webstore: on August 30th
figure stands 13.5 inches tall



  • Fiber-optic illuminated combat armor
  • Magnetized Shoulder Shields that all weapons can be attached to
  • Rubberized suit over a fully articulated body with complete outer armor attachments
  • Fully articulated fingers
  • Cloth utility pouch with functioning clasps

Weapon loadout:

  • UNSC M45 TS shotgun
  • Removable Kukri knife with sheath
  • Chest grenades x 10
  • Waist grenades x 10

via 3aVOX.

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