ThreeA Toys WWRp Euro Brambles Quick Pics

3A Toys WWRp Euro Brambles (2 of 3)

Here’s a couple of quick pictures I took of the new 3A Toys WWRp Euro Defense Bramble with his Euro colleague from a couple years back. The Brambles were the bots that hooked me on the World War Robot line, and the Euro was one of the first I got, back in the day. There’s just something awesome about robots that fight with revolvers.

3A Toys WWRp Euro Brambles (3 of 3)

If you’ve not handled one of these bots before, they’re irresistible hand candy once you pick one up. Super-articulated doesn’t begin to describe them – just as an example, each hand is on a ball-jointed wrist, and each finger has three joints.

I’m not usually a fan of soft goods on action figures, but 3A knows how to make them look good. My only nit with these pouches is that they are easily knocked off the little hooks that hold them in place.

3A Toys WWRp Euro Brambles