Border Patrol: Marvel Legends Big Guys – Wendigo, Mammomax, and Mangog

This week, we have a trio of Marvel Legends big guys from hobbies_n_stuff.

Marvel Legends Wendigo 1 Marvel Legends Wendigo 2 Marvel Legends Wendigo 3

Marvel Legends Wendigo – this Hulk and Wolverine nemesis is long overdue in Marvel legends – ends Sep 29, 2013 18:38:54 PDT

In AFP’s Border Patrol, we scour active eBay auctions for customized action figures that you won’t want to let slip by!

Customizers, don’t forget to check out the submission guidelines for CustomCon 36.

Marvel Legends Mammomax 1 Marvel Legends Mammomax 2 Marvel Legends Mammomax 3

Marvel Legends Mammomax – a more recent mutant entry in the X-Men pantheon – I’d put him up against Brother Warth any day – ends Sep 29, 2013 18:42:06 PDT

Marvel Legends Mangog 1 Marvel Legends Mangog 2 Marvel Legends Mangog 3

Marvel Legends Mangog – Mangog was a little before my time (hard to believe, I know), but he bested Ulik the troll and put Thor to the test – ends Sep 29, 2013 18:45:50 PDT

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