NYCC 2013: Play Imaginative Super Alloy Iron Man 1/12 Extravaganza

NYCC 2013 - Play Imaginative Super Alloy Iron Man One Twelfth (1 of 57)

Before NYCC, I thought I was overwhelmed with the number of Iron Man figures that Hot Toys is pumping out. Thus, I was totally unprepared for the Iron Wars that have been waged on me by Play Imaginative. Courtesy of Yes Anime, the Play Imaginative distributor in the United States, I was assaulted by the sheer tonnage of Iron Man armors that were on display.

Mind you, this post, including 57 pictures, is only of the 1/12 scale figures they brought to the show. Sure, some figures have more than one pic, but I believe there’s over fifty (wow!) unique 6-inch scaled Iron Man armors on display.

Start buying your lottery tickets now, because these babies will sell for somewhere in the $100 – $110 range, with tons of articulation and upwards of 80% diecast. We’re talking over five grand to have them all. All the ones without a specific release date were marked as planned for 2014.

Realistically, I can’t imagine Play Imaginative producing all these variants in a single year (or even ever) but if they do… It staggers the imagination.

3 thoughts on “NYCC 2013: Play Imaginative Super Alloy Iron Man 1/12 Extravaganza”

  1. They’re getting a little Kenner there with some of those repaints and kit-bashed figs.  I saw at least 4 that were not in the movies, and were assembled from parts of other figures.  (Not counting the War Machine that was cut from the film.)

  2. Hiro Nogano Actually all of these armors are accurate to what was depicted in the Iron Man 3 Artbook. It only makes sense for a mechanic like Tony to use previous designs as a starting point for his other projects.

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