Webswipe: Alex Eylar’s Hollywood Movie Scenes in LEGO – MOCpages.com

Building the Back to the Future Time Machine got me thinking about other movies that could benefit from the LEGO treatment. Then I found the work of Alex Eylar. Check out the iconic movie scenes that he’s put together. Sure, there’s some scenes that he’s created using bricks that come from actual licensed sets, like Star Wars, but a lot of the scenes that he’s recreated are fully from scratch. Really cool stuff!

The-Shining Raiders-of-the-Lost-Ark Inception

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a guy from a press agency, who proposed building a few movie scenes to form a press packet of sorts to shop around to the news outlets.

This bounty of homages was the result.

via And Welcome to Hollywood: A LEGO® creation by Alex Eylar : MOCpages.com.