NYCC 2015: Star Ace Toys Reveals Hunger Games and Underworld, More Harry Potter

NYCC 2015 - Star Ace Toys Hunger Games Underworld

In Harry Potter, Star Ace Toys already has an impressive amount of 1/6 scale figures, with a deep roster of supporting characters and variants of the kids to sustain them. By adding Hunger Games and Underworld, they get two current franchises with multiple looks for its main characters – but I would suspect the supporting casts for those films are not as beloved as Potter’s.

Jennifer Lawrence became a bonafide star with Hunger Games’ Katniss Everdeen, but there’s only one movie left to go. Kate Beckinsale helped revive the Underworld franchise by returning in the 4th movie (the third was a prequel), and will star again in the 5th due next year. She’s also been mentioned for a sixth movie – unlike Harry Potter and Hunger Games, Underworld doesn’t have an underlying book series to determine an “end” for the movie franchise.

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Webswipe: Alex Eylar’s Hollywood Movie Scenes in LEGO –

Building the Back to the Future Time Machine got me thinking about other movies that could benefit from the LEGO treatment. Then I found the work of Alex Eylar. Check out the iconic movie scenes that he’s put together. Sure, there’s some scenes that he’s created using bricks that come from actual licensed sets, like Star Wars, but a lot of the scenes that he’s recreated are fully from scratch. Really cool stuff!

The-Shining Raiders-of-the-Lost-Ark Inception

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a guy from a press agency, who proposed building a few movie scenes to form a press packet of sorts to shop around to the news outlets.

This bounty of homages was the result.

via And Welcome to Hollywood: A LEGO® creation by Alex Eylar :

Blind Mouse Toys Launches with Judge Dredd Vinyl Penguin

Dredd-Penguin DreddPromo#2 DreddPromo#3

If you’re a fan of urban vinyl figures, penguins, Judge Dredd, or all of the above, this product announcement I got from newcomer Blind Mouse Toys might be of interest. Blind Mouse is utilizing the services of Joe Amaro and Eamon O’Donoghue for sculpt / paint and packaging art respectively – both have a strong following in the Masters of the Universe collector community.

They also have a Stargate SG-1 penguin listed on the Blind Mouse Toys website, but both are listed with June 24 release dates and a sold out status – but I don’t know if that just means they haven’t been put up for pre-order yet. They also have placeholders for DC Superheroes and Harry Potter, so I guess there’s more to come.

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San Diego Comic-Con 2010 – the Complete Picture Gallery Guide

So we’ve been back from Comic-Con for a week, and boy do we have tons of pics to share with you all! To help you guys and gals navigate our galleries, we’ve prepared a summary with links to make browsing easier! Here we go!

First off, you can find the San Diego Comic-Con gallery under Events in our Galleries section. Click on 2010 San Diego Comic-Con and you’ll see all the different galleries for each company and a couple of non-toy galleries too.

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Gentle Giant Memorial Sale Through June

It’s mostly statues and busts, but the discounts are great, and they cover all the big licenses, like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Hellboy, and Indiana Jones.  Gentle Giant also has the figures from 30 Days of Night on sale for cheap. The sale goes through the end of June.

Memorial Sale thru end of June

Take advantage to the huge savings on selected in stock items through the end of June or while supplies last! Savings of up to 60% on certain items.

via GentleGiantLtd – Official Blog.

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