CC36: G.I. JOE – Eco-Warriors! by Sarkos


Cobra has moved beyond Weather Domination to total Environmental War!

Evil Scientist Corrosion has refined Plasmatox, Cobra’s weaponized toxic sludge, by adding Compound Z, Cobra’s experimental zombie serum. Now, he’s ready to seed clouds across the nation, and raise his zombie army. Can Flint and the Eco-Warriors defeat this madman?

Ar Puro: This Brazilian radiation specialist has hunted Corrosion after he burned down the rain forests.

Barbecue: Running into a burning building or running through a hail of acidic Plasmatox, Barbecue will do what it takes to save lives.

Corrosion: Some men want to watch the world burn, Corrosion wants to light it himself.

Deep Six: With his dolphin friend Finback, Deep Six hunts down Cobra Heavy Water troops beneath the waves.

Flint: GI Joe needed a tough guy to wade through waves of toxo-zombies, and they don’t get tougher than Flint!

Incinerator: Cobra Incinerators take pride in their flamethrowers ability to destroy the ozone layer.

Ozone: Atmospheric scientist and astronaut, Ozone’s got the right stuff to develop Anti-Tox weapons to stop Cobra.

Sludge-Viper: Safe behind the lines, Sludge-Vipers send out Toxic Drones to sabotage at will.

Toxo-Vipers: Most of Cobra’s “Leaky Suit brigade” end their days as Toxo-zombies, but the Toxo-Viper Commanders are clever enough to fight from the safety of Toxin Tanks.

Toxo-Zombie: Cobra’s earliest zombies were unpredictable, but with radioactive Plasmatox, Toxo-Zombies are unstoppable!

Bravo vehicle assortment, Eco-Striker: Tough and fast, the Eco-Striker is armed with an Anti-Tox cannon to fight Cobra’s pollution.

Delta vehicle assortment, Toxin Tank: How do you make a HISS Tank tougher? Give it a Plasmatox cannon that can melt other tanks to slag!

Entry by: Sarkos


Ar Puro
Airtight repaint

Slaughter’s Marauders Barbecue
Airtight head
Sci-fi helmet

Head: Televiper
Torso: Duke
Arms: Airtight
Legs: Copperhead

Deep Six
Head: Deep Six
Torso: RoC Breaker
Arms: Ret. Snake Eyes
Legs: RoC Deep Six

Head: Dusty
Torso: Ret. Cobra Trooper
Arms: Sci-fi
Legs: Snake Eyes
Airtight vest

Head: Swamp-Viper
Torso: Charbroil
Arms: Hazard-Viper
Legs: Techno-Viper
Harness: Duke

Torso: Shocktrooper
Arms: Shocktrooper
Legs: Recondo
Gear: Firefly armor, Airborne helmet

Head: Star-Viper
Torso: Star-Viper
Arms: Techno-Viper
Legs: Scrap Iron
Gear: Crimson Horseman vest, Firefly drone

Toxo-viper Commander
Head: Firefly
Torso: Airtight
Arms: Airtight
Legs: Airtight
Gear: Ace harness, GI Joe Trooper gas mask

Toxo-viper v2
Torso: Dusty
Arms: Air-Viper Commando
Legs: Air-Viper Commando
Gear: Skydive helmet, modified with hoses from Skydive’s harness

Head: Zombie-Viper
Torso: Dusty
Arms: (Upper) Cobra Trooper ,(Lower) Zombie-Viper
Legs: Zombie-Viper

Toxin Tank (Septic Tank)
Crimson HISS repaint

Ninja Commando 4×4 repaint

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