CC36: DC Universe Classics Ultimate Doomsday by Batman55

CC36 DCUC Ultimate Doomsday 19

After Mattel announced the cancellation of 2014 DCIE series that included 2 versions of Doomsday figure, I felt regret about not being able to see the long awaited figure released. Then just last week, I found out Mattel has decided to release only Containment Suit Doomsday in the next SDCC. Relinquishing a hope to see THE UNLEASHED VERSION, I decided to make my own doomsday that shares the same articulations and details to some degree with DCUC figures. The only base body that I could find compatible in terms of size and similar physical features was Marvel Select Avengers Hulk. Before I began putting things together, I had to research various images and old custom figures done by others as a reference.

My ideal Doomsday is a combination of classical appearance with a slight touch of Injustice version, especially on his facial expression and tusks on both shoulders, which I find him more aggressive and vicious. I knew from the start there would be a lot of time consuming labors required for sculpting and refining, but I finally got all done in a month. As a result, it turned out better than I expected.

Entry by: Batman55 (Myungkyou Lee)[email protected]


Head: Marvel Select Ultimate Hulk [cut his jaw in half and reconstructed to plant the teeth]
Body: Marvel Select Avengers Hulk [shaved off big & little toes (Ouch!) to make his boots looking more slender in front]
Waist band: old neon bracelet found in fodder box
Head to toes including tusks and spikes all sculpted with Aves Apoxie Sculpt.

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