CC36: Legends of Warhammer, Wave 2 by Whiskeytango, Grinman, and Spawnsauce

Legends of Warhammer wave 2

Whiskeytango, Grinman, and Spawnsauce bring you Legends of Warhammer, wave 2.

#5 Swordsman of the Empire

The nation of the Empire of Men is broken into 10 provinces, each ruled by their own Elector Count. Each Elector Count has a vast army of professional soldiers under their command. The majority of these men are the stalwart swordsmen. Trained for years with their weapon, they are the first, and often last, line of defense in protection of their homeland.

#6 Orc Boss

No one knows from which they came, but many fear that when the world ends, it will be in a tide of Green Skin. Orcs existed for one purpose, and one purpose alone: to fight. Their entire society is based around the power of strength, and they only recognize the authority of the strongest amongst them, known as Bosses. The Bosses get the pick of the litter when it comes with armor and weapons. Occasionally, a Boss will gather enough Green Skins behind him that he becomes a War Lord, and leads a great WWAAAAUUUUGHHH!!!! against the other races.

#7 Empire Priest of Sigmar

Though the Empire recognizes many gods, by far the head of their pantheon is the God-King Sigmar, the founder of their nation many thousands of years ago, and the savior of mankind. His clergy is made up of fanatical priests, who spread the world of their god through fire and blood. Their presence on the battle field inspires hope in their allies, and fear in the hearts of their enemies.

#8 Night Goblin

Though the Orcs are indisputably the ruling race amongst the Green Skins, Goblins are far more numerous, and far more intelligent. The most cunning and devious amongst them are the Night Goblins, who make their homes in the tunnels and caves of the Worlds Edge Mountains. Malicious and backstabbing creatures they are, and more than once they have threatened to wipe the Dwarves, who also make their keeps in the mountains, out of existence through sure force of numbers and cruelty.

Custom Con Exclusive: Lord Archaon the Everchosen

The Warriors of Chaos who dwell in the Northern Wastes are beholden to none but the gods they serve, but every few hundred years, a champion will rise up from the multitude and stake his claim as the Chosen of the whole pantheon of Chaos Gods, known as Chaos Undivided. He is given the Mark of Chaos Ascendant, blessed with the gifts of all of his patron, and will be given the title of the Everchosen. The current Everchosen is a man known only as Archaon, a former Templar of Sigmar, who it is said learned a terrible truth, and turned his back on humanity, damning his soul forever to give his service to the great and terrible god of Chaos. Now, when he treads the world, the ground cracks beneath his feet and the very fabric of reality shifts and tears around him, for he is the Chosen of Chaos, and only doom follows in his wake.

Entry by: Whiskeytango, Grinman, and Spawnsauce


#5 Swordsman of the Empire – LOTR Soldier with sculpted details

#6 Orc Boss – ML Avengers Hulk, with Legendary Riders Thing legs, and sculpted details. Interchangeable heads. Choppas from sculpt and styrene.

#7 Empire Priest of Sigmar – ROML Bucky Cap, with X-Men Archangel head and sculpted details

#8 Night Goblin – ROML Hit Monkey with sculpted details. Styrene and sculpt for the sword and shield.

Custom Con Exclusive: Lord Archaon the Everchosen – ROML Thor with sculpted details. Styrene and sculpt for his shield and weapons.

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