CC36: Marvel Legends – Agents and Villains by Calbretto


This series gives fans a selection of super-spy secret agents and some fan-favourite villains.

Entry by: Calbretto


Jimmy Woo
Head: Batman Beyond unmasked head cast
Body: Punisher
guns/straps/turtleneck: movie Nick Fury

Agent Coulson (616)
Head: unmasked Daredevil head cast
Body: Harvey Dent

Pete Wisdom
Head: Clint Barton/Ronin
Body: Gotham Thug
Coat: Jim Gordon
Right hand: Sylar from Heroes

Head: DCUC random figure cast
Upper Body: movie master Green Lantern
Lower body: GI Joe Sigma 6 Snake

Sebastian Shaw
Head: Wolverine head cast
Pony tail: Pirates of the Caribbean figure
Body: DC Direct Ra’s Al Ghul
Sash: Ripclaw

Pretty Boy
Body: T-100 Terminator
Head: Clark Kent cast
Gun: Gen13 Fairchild

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