CC36: Marvel Legends – Alpha Flight Series 1 by Calbretto


Included in this wave are favourite Alphans from the 90s and early 2000s.

Entry by: Calbretto


Head: Office Blake movie master
Body: Human Torch
Forearms: Street Fighter Cammy
Hands: Ripclaw

Head: Aquaman head cast
Body: Rulk series Wolverine
Feet: AoA Weapon X
Hands: random hand casts

Puck 2
Head: Livewire head cast
Upper body & feet: WWE wrestler
lower body: Winry from Full Metal Alchemist
Glasses: Final Fantasy figure

Yukon Jack
Head: Lord of the Rings figure
body: Conan
hands/forearms: Street Fighter Adon

Major Mapleleaf
Head: DC Direct Aquaman
Torso: DCUC Starman
Arms and lower body: DCUC Jemm
Hands: Random DCUC
Belt: ML Bullseye

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