Free Marvel Minimates Iron Man Offer with Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United?

Heroes United Minimates Offer Iron Man and Hulk Heroes United

The website has an offer for a free (you pay $2.59 shipping and handling) Iron Man Minimate – and while I couldn’t find where to get the promo code for it, presumably it will come with the Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United movie that is available today on Blu-Ray and DVD.

For another $9.99, you can also pick up 2 more Marvel Minimates – Hulk in the Iron Man armor that he’ll somehow get to wear in the movie, and the Hulk-Buster Iron Man that is cool and will likely fight Hulk if we get the expected¬†“first we fight, then we become friends” plot line.

Update: found it in the fine print on the offer page – movie purchase is required to get the free Iron Man Minimate.