Reminder – AFP Free Stuff Giveaway: Captain America vs. Spider-Man Marvel Legends Bundles – Ends Friday

With the Captain America: the Winter Soldier line-up revealed and Toy Fair coming up this weekend, it’d be easy to miss our big Captain America vs. Spider-Man Marvel Legends giveaway. We’ve got three two-figure bundles from the latest waves of Marvel Legends, each featuring a Cap and a Spidey.

  • Marvel Now Cap vs Scarlet Spider
  • WW2 Cap vs Amazing Spider-Man (movie)
  • WW2 Cap vs Superior Spider-Man

Now we all know Cap and Spidey should be friends, but sadly that pairing won’t make it in the movies until Sony lets the rights revert back to Marvel Studios – and with the success of the Amazing re-boot, that’s not likely to happen soon. So for now, it’s just action figures.

You can enter on the original giveaway page, or for your convenience, the contest widget is below. Good luck!

The Fine Print

  • You must be over 18 to enter.
  • Winners will be randomly selected from entries meeting the entry criteria.
  • Shipping costs within the continental United States will be covered by If the winner is outside the continental United States, they can select the method of shipment and are responsible for covering the shipping costs. will not be held responsible for lost shipments.
  • I’ll contact the winners via email and they will have 24 hours to respond with their shipping information. If a winner does not respond within 24 hours, I will randomly select another winner.
  • Staff members at are not eligible for this contest (sorry guys!)
  • By accepting the prize, the winner agrees to hold, and their respective directors, officers, employees and assigns harmless against any and all claims and liability arising out of the use or redemption of the prize.

3 thoughts on “Reminder – AFP Free Stuff Giveaway: Captain America vs. Spider-Man Marvel Legends Bundles – Ends Friday”

  1. Zach – still having problems with the contest widget? I am seeing it load up fine on the website and Facebook (the “Free Stuff” button at the top of our page).

  2. Just tried it via that. Still having problems. Likely on my end. I’ll try on my home computer, later. Thanks!

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