Spot the Differences and Win Captain America Set from Hot Toys

Here’s a fun Friday contest from Hot Toys – spot a difference between the Cap costumes from The First Avenger and The Winter Soldier and you could win a set of Captain America: The Winter Soldier premiums! While you could leave a comment here (and we love it when you do), to enter the official contest you have to comment on the contest picture on Facebook. They’ll pick 10 winners at random.

One thing that isn’t different – I still think the helmet looks goofy… What do you think?

Many fans are in anticipation for Captain America: The Winter Soldier soon hitting the theatres worldwide, are you ready yet?

Spot the Difference - Captain America - First Avenger and Winter Soldier

As seen in the movie trailers, Steve Rogers will don a new version of his World War II Captain America suit to fight the Winter Soldier. Can you spot the differences on the costume from Captain America: The First Avengers and Captain America: The Winter Soldier?

Just state at least one difference between the two costumes in the comment section and 10 winners will be selected randomly to win a set of Captain America: The Winter Soldier premiums.

The game will run till March 20, so don’t miss the chance! Results will be announced soon after it ends.

via Hot Toys.

11 thoughts on “Spot the Differences and Win Captain America Set from Hot Toys”

  1. More stripes on the Winter Soldier version, it’s also lacking a holster and the shoulder straps are in blue where they are red on the original. The belt pouches on the original are also bigger.

  2. Central red vertical stripe added to the newer costume’s abdomen stands out right away to me. Possibly bulkier, more “heroic” padding in the shoulders. Lots of other minor stuff, even the belt buckle.

  3. There’s an additional vertical red stripe on his torso, the belt pouches seem farther away from the buckle, he’s no longer wearing a gun holster, the red straps running under his biceps are absent, the central chest star also seems a bit smaller.

  4. Huh. If he really takes his old costume back, from the Smithsonian, how would it suddenly look different? Either way, there’s an extra red stripe in te middle, and they look a bit brighter. The gray stripes become blue at the neck/shoulder area. No holster on his leg. The star is maybe a bit raised, too? Hope I did well.

  5. extra red center stripe, no holster, blue upper straps, no brown straps under arms, blue shoulder pieces missing the texture of original, texture change in the stomach area, belt pouches look a little smaller and lighter shade of brown for the belt, gloves seem to be a lighter shade of brown, belt buckle is slightly different. No damage on shield yet, strap on chest going through star is gone, knee pads look different but this may be just the different angles of the pics.

  6. -The strip across the diaphragm area is gray originally and blue now.
    -The shoulder area is cross stitched like a mattress and different in the new.
    -Uuuuuhhhhhhh…… No pocket watch with Peggy Carter’s photo in it?

  7. Extra red stripe, gun holsters are missing, lighter browns on the gloves and pouches, grey stripe on the shoulders is missing, squares on the shoulders seem to be missing, brown straps under the arms are no longer there.

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