ThreeA Toys WWRp JEA Meat is Murder Set Up For Pre-Order Today

3A Toys is releasing the extremely popular Meat is Murder set from the World War Robot line, this time in 1/12 Portable scale. The pre-order opens up this evening at 6PM PST, with two sets available at Bambaland (but be prepared for surprise drops). The regular set includes an impressive five figures –  a Grunt, 2 Squares, a Dropcloth, and an Armstrong – all in the JEA Marine MiM colorway, for $160. The second set is exclusive to 3AA members and adds a Harold for $200 total – but remember 3AA members get a 15% discount.

Speaking of Harolds, I’ve got a 1/6 scale JEA Marine Harold up on eBay right now – the thing is massive, so I’ve opted to just keep the 1/12 version for my collection. Thanks for looking!

WWRp (1/12th scale) JEA MIM set pre-order opens on March 14th at Bambalandstore and as mentioned previously, it’s 160USD shipped (prior to 3AA discount).

We will be offering 3AA exclusive JEA MIM deluxe set as well, it will feature Harold MIM and will be 200USD shipped.

via 3aVOX – Timeline Photos.