Too Early to Predict Flash TV Figure from DC Collectibles?

DC Comics has been teasing Barry Allen’s Flash costume from its upcoming WB Flash pilot, and I’ve got to believe that DC Collectibles is working on an action figure version. With the Flash spinning off from Arrow (now in its third season), would it be too much of a gamble for DCC to start work on a figure?

While it may be premature to predict success for another Flash TV show (the Jon Wesley Shipp Flash lasted just one season), a Flash action figure could find its way into DC Collectibles’ Arrow line of figures, should the series not take off on its own. Green Arrow and Deathstroke will survive their transition from comics to small screen to action figures, and I think the Flash could too. Are you guys excited for this new version of the Flash?

2 thoughts on “Too Early to Predict Flash TV Figure from DC Collectibles?”

  1. A. God, I hope not.
    B. Seriously, WHAT do TV execs have against YELLOW BOOTS?

    Would it kill TV and movie people to let a comic book character look exactly how they’re supposed to?

  2. Arrow is just finishing its Second Season and they’re just coming out with an Arrow action figure. So I would expect the same from The Flash.

    I’m really excited for it. If the creative team is as great as its been on Arrow then it’ll be amazing. I have no doubt that it’ll do well on The CW, they’ve come a very long way to develop great products that their fans enjoy.

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