Hasbro Announces Star Wars Black Series Yoda and Shares More Jabba Pics

Hope you had a great Star Wars Day yesterday! To celebrate May the Fourth (be with you), Hasbro revealed the next figure to join their Star Wars Black Series 6-inch line – none other than Jedi Master Yoda himself. And to show you that size matters not, this morning they revealed the final press shots of their San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Jabba the Hutt Throne Room Set.

Hasbro’s Star Wars presentation at Toy Fair closing out with Salacious Crumb’s laughter was indeed a hint at what is to come. The SDCC Jabba set will include an in-scale Salacious Crumb, and will also include Jabba’s hookah and the railing on which it rests. The packaging completes the effect – it opens to reveal Jabba on a raised platform with throne room backdrop, while the front flap lays flat, with trap door to the rancor printed on it. Judge them by their size, will you?

3 thoughts on “Hasbro Announces Star Wars Black Series Yoda and Shares More Jabba Pics”

  1. Man, I so need that Jabba set, even though I haven’t been able to collect the others, yet, due to scarcity and budgetary limits. I suppose I could army build Slave Leias and Greedos, if I wanted to, though.

  2. Great additions to the 6″ Black Series line….BUT, if Jabba is as hard to get as SDCC Boba w/ Carbonite Han, there are gonna be alot of enraged Star Wars collectors out there. Has Hasbro ever addressed how hard last  year’s SDCC version was to get AND if a bigger production run will make them easier to obtain??

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