Badballz “Fuzzball” Resin Toy Preorder

Hey guys – I wanted to share a personal project I’ve been working on over the summer. I’ve wanted to do a custom sculpted Madball-style project for a while, and recently while watching one of my favorite horror movies I finally got the design and inspiration translated into 3D form. I wanted to make something with that over-the-top Madballs style, but also something I knew would probably never actually get produced.

In the future, I plan to cast these with squishy foam just like the originals, so stay tuned for future release info!

From Plastic Geek Toys comes the Badballz “Fuzzball” first being released as a Gray Resin Prototype.

  • Limited edition unpainted, solid gray resin prototype. Limited to 10 produced in this style.
  • Stylized creature ball inspired by the 80’s horror flick. A hefty 3.5″ diameter solid resin cast ball. Hand sculpted & cast. Stands on its own. Fits in great with other 3″ scale Madballs. Comes packaged in a box with header card.
  • Preorder ships in January/February 2015.

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