DC Universe Classics on Clearance at Mattycollector’s 7 Days of Cyber Monday

Mattycollector’s “7 Days of Cyber Monday” sale kicked off this morning with Early Access for Club Eternia subscribers. I still find the name odd (at least the sale actually lasts 7 days this year) but am crystal clear on its intent – Mattel wants to clear out its remaining DC Universe Classics figures inventory. Club Infinite Earths figures are priced at $6 each for the regular figures (like Wally West Flash, Phantom Stranger, and Larfleeze) and $9 for the oversized ones (like Lead and Elasti-Girl). I guess good things come to those who wait.

The Classics figures for this year (Connor Kent, Ice, and hook-handed Aquaman) aren’t clearanced – they’re at $23. But Watchmen figures have been knocked down to $15 each from $20 and the horribly over-priced Super Powers figures are at $24 from $30. If you were hoping to get the Doomsday Unleashed figure at 20% off, you’re out of luck – to get him at $32 you had to also buy the prison costumed version from SDCC, and he sold out early on this morning. The unleashed Doomsday is still available as of this writing, but at the full $40 price.

Rounding out the sale, Masters of the Universe Classics from Club Eternia and Club Etheria prior to 2014 have been knocked down to $21.60 from $27. And Ghostbuster 2-packs with the removable proton packs are down to $40 from $50. Finally, Loo-Kee and Kowl, the Club Eternia chase figures, are up – still at $20.

All access to the 7 Days of Cyber Monday sale starts tomorrow at 9AM PST.

7 thoughts on “DC Universe Classics on Clearance at Mattycollector’s 7 Days of Cyber Monday”

  1. I don’t get it. I kinda wanted Lookee and Kowl, and I should have early access, but it’s not letting me add those. Irritating. Although par for the course.

  2. choanata – I got them earlier on one of the random times they were available, but I went back to see if I could add them to my cart, and they’re in there. so not sure if it was just buggy when you tried or if it wouldn’t let me complete a check out if I tried (I’m not going to try that). 

    also, looks like Wally West Flash is sold out now.

  3. Damn! Sometimes, good things really do come to those who wait. I didn’t, and caved to a DC sub to help keep the line alive, and now some of those are available then less than some of the earliest Marvel Legends I bought, back before the economy and oil prices and all that BS forced this subscription and super jacked up pricing onto us. Jeepers!

  4. Double-darn! I just was going through my e-mail and realized that if I added only $7 more, I could have gotten free shipping, which would have been worth it. Argh! Oh, well. At least I could make use of it, being a subscriber, having Early Access. Thanks for the post as a reminder! Too bad that this is some of the last excitement to probably come from Matty Collector, at the beginning of the end.

  5. I just went through my email to see what you were talking about, and don’t see anything from matty talking about free shipping. How much would I have had to spend to get that?

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