4 thoughts on “CC38: DC Uni Forms – The Return by Fizzle”

  1. This may be a silly question but what base figure/toy is being used here, the box-like feet and big fists, is it a DC toy or Marvel? Sorry if everyone else recognises it but I’m kind a newbie to customising!

  2. Happy Birthday Roboto – Uni-Formz were a vinyl line sold by DC Direct a few years ago. they were limited and I think they’re no longer in production. I checked on eBay and some of the pricing is through the roof – http://bit.ly/1wCbBH3

  3. @SamuRon, Thanks dude! Trying to figure out where I’d seen these before was driving me nuts! I checked them out on eBay too… $270 FOR A LOOSE SUPERMAN!!! At those prices these things better be made out of solid gold!!!

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