Weekend Toy Run: Marvel Shop Free Shipping and Hulkbuster Pre-Order

Free shipping promo ends today; Hulkbuster ships July 1

Marvel Shop free shipping and Marvel Select Hulkbuster Iron Man

With all the Avengers: Age of Ultron hype this weekend I somehow missed that the official Marvel shop is running a free shipping promotion and that they have the new Marvel Select Hulkbuster Iron Man up for pre-order. To qualify for free shipping, just use code “ULTRON” while checking out – don’t worry, you won’t be unleashing a mad robot intent on the destruction of the human race. The free shipping promo ends today.

And if you’ve got a Hulk problem in your action figure collection, then pre-order the Marvel Select Hulkbuster Iron Man, exclusive to the Marvel Shop and Disney Stores. Diamond Select Toys says it’s “inspired by Iron Man’s appearance in Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron” but we know this bad boy is straight out of the comics. Long-time collectors may remember the Hulkbuster that came with the Toy Biz Marvel Legends Legendary Riders wave – I loved that Iron Man, but this update looks a lot less like a toy, and much more like a kick-ass suit of armor.

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Toy Run: Marvel Shop Free Shipping and Hulkbuster Pre-Order”

  1. ActionFigPics any idea where this will be available to pre-order in the UK?

  2. Thanks for the heads up.
    I missed the free shipping thing but I’ll keep my eyes open when it starts to hit Disney stores and such. (this should really be out NOW if they wanna take advantage of movie hype. Duh.) I’m not sure why I like this one so much more than the Marvel Legends build-a-figure, even with its somewhat odd choice of hands, but I really do.

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