Weekend Toy Run: The AFP “Two/Bad” Movie Poster T-Shirt and More – Save 15%

Two-Bad parody movie poster t-shirt

Did you know that June 21st will be the 8th International T-Shirt Day? I’m pretty sure that it was invented by our t-shirt partner, but made-up commemorative day irregardless, they’re giving us a 15% discount starting today and running through T-Shirt Day (the 21st again). And just for that, we’ve made a special t-shirt for the occasion, featuring one of our favorite Masters of the Universe Classics figures – Two-Bad. The Two/Bad movie poster t-shirt is a riff on one of our favorite terrible yet awesome movies from the 90s. Can you name that movie?

The Two/Bad Movie Poster t-shirt is available on the rarely publicized Fan Tribute T-shirts page on AFP. While you’re there, check out our Avengers: Age of Ultron “Obey” t-shirt (and more!) and use “TSHIRT2015” code to get your 15% off. That code also works on the regular Spreadshirt site.

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