Need a G.I. JOE Fix? The Loyal Subjects are Rebooting their Action Vinyl Line

The Loyal Subjects Reboots G.I. JOE Action Vinyls

I recently discovered Action Vinyls, a multi-license line of 3-inch collectible, poseable vinyl figures, while looking for some blind-bagged items my wife has been collecting. And I kind of went a little nuts over their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Vinyls. Check out this Casey Jones, for an example of what I’ve been hunting.

Now it looks like I may have another brand of Action Vinyls to hunt – the reboot of their G.I. JOE line. The Loyal Subjects had vinyl figures for JOE before – checking out GI JOE Series 1, they are somewhat reminiscent of Hasbro’s Mighty Muggs. They were cute, but what they’re planning to release next really kick it up a notch or three. Expect these to start hitting in the 4th quarter this year.

We are as pleased as Duke – standing victorious on the battlefield watching the defeated COBRA scurry away, licking their wounds – to announce the sneak peek of G.I. Joe Wave 2 Action Vinyls! 2 years in the making! We had to pivot a couple times but we found that magic formula, one worthy of the Action Vinyls stamp! These Action Heros are next level; removable masks, helmets, 12 points of articulation, several signature accessories and vehicles. Whaaaa?! Vehicles?! Yes, vehicles!

Source: G.I. Joe Wave 2 Sneak Peek! | The Loyal SubjectsJonathan Cathey (@theloyalsubjects) • Instagram photos and videos

Another brand of Action Vinyls that might interest you is also on the way. They also have the power!

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  1. The moment I laid eyes on the He-Man toy I new I was going to be spending money, money, money!

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