Announcing CustomCon 40 at this December

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CustomCon 40 – Winter 2015

The staff at AFP is pleased to announce that we will be hosting CustomCon 40. This edition of CustomCon will be held this December, joining the CustomCon events hosted throughout the year by Raving Toy Maniac and

Event Dates

CustomCon 40 will run the week of December 14, 2015.

Entry Deadline

The submission deadline is Friday, December 4, 2015. No entries will be accepted after this date.

What is CustomCon?

CustomCon is a special presentation of new custom toy creations by customizers around the globe. Fourteen years in the running, it’s still going strong. Inspired by the presentations of new product by legitimate manufacturers at Toy Fair and other trade shows, CustomCon is a “fake” convention, wherein customizers present their latest creations and recipes as if unveiling a new line of real toys to retailers. It’s always a lot of fun for both the viewers and the participants.

If this is your first exposure to a CustomCon, check out what’s been offered over the past 39 CustomCons, including the CustomCon entries that have been featured here at AFP.

Entry Guidelines

So how can you participate? The key is to make several custom action figures that would be in the same toy line, and send in photos of them. You could make your own new wave of Marvel Legends figures (a current series), a new wave of Star Trek figures (a previous series). You can also make a line of Super-Duper Creep Busting figures! (That would be your own unique line.) You could make figures based on characters from comics, movies, TV shows, books, sports, sci-fi… The sky’s the limit!

  • CustomCon is not just about customized figures. You can also submit customized vehicles and playsets or dioramas. You can send in more than one entry.
  • If you’re submitting more than one customized figure in an entry, please make sure they share a common theme. You should come up with a name for your line of figures if it’s an original line.
  • Custom packaging is, of course, an option, but it is certainly not required.
  • If possible, we would ask that you photograph your entry so that it looks like they are on display at a convention. If you have custom packaging, please include both in package and loose pictures.
  • Please include only customs created in the past 6 months. Of course, don’t submit any that have been part of a previous CustomCon event. We would prefer customs that you haven’t shown before – we don’t want to see every custom that you have already posted elsewhere in the CustomCon.

Ready to submit your entry?

For each entry you want to submit, send an email to [email protected]. Please use “CustomCon 40″ as your message subject line. Please include the following:

  1. Your first and last name, or just the nickname you go by online. Your preference.
  2. The name or theme of your entry, with a description – think of this as a summary of an event at a convention.
  3. Pictures of your entry. Important – please review the picture guidelines below.
  4. The recipes for your entry – describe what figures or parts you used, and how you customized them.
  5. (OPTIONAL) Your email address and / or your custom figure website address that you want shown with your entry.
  6. (OPTIONAL) A custom logo for your entry.

Picture Guidelines

  • We prefer JPGs, with a maximum of 1280 pixels on the long side. Please note – displayed images may be reduced in size.
  • If your entry consists of more than one figure, please include a group shot. Group shots should be in landscape mode – wide, not tall.
  • Please include descriptive filenames. You may know every member of the Legion of Super Heroes (for example) ever created by sight, but we probably don’t.
  • Please make sure your images are attached to the email, not embedded.